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Older weekly meeting summaries

June 16th 2022 Meeting

What a great American Graffiti car show and Parade. Brent and Charlie reported on the parade and show. Jeremiah Williams announced that this Saturday June 18th at 11am is a Juneteenth celebration in Graceda Park.

June 9th 2022 Meeting
It was almost all American Graffiti this morning. All hands on deck for June 10-12.

June 2nd 2022 Meeting

All hands on deck for the Parade and Car Show. Board meeting report and Happy Bucks today.

May 26th 2022 Meeting

Lots of American Graffiti talk these days, plus learning about Ducks Unlimited.

May 19th 2022 Meeting

DCM on Wednesday the 25th at the Graffiti museum; all welcome including Bob Dunbar. We were transported to calmer times by a great show on birds of Stanislaus County and surrounds.

May 5, 2022 Meeting

Our social and community service calendars are getting busy. Read about what we have done and will be doing in coming weeks.

April 28th 2022 Meeting

Lots of great projects going on. Love Modesto this coming Saturday, lets support all the projects for our local community. Chili cooks needed – do you have a great recipe?

April 21st 2022 Meeting

Great joint meeting with our friends from Sunrise Rotary at the Graffiti Car Museum. We are all in the business of serving the community and a good time was had by all as we came together to further that aim.

April 14th 2022 Meeting

Donna Linder, Stanislaus Registrar of Voters, gave us a program chock full of interesting and useful information regarding the election process. Reminder: next week we are at the Graffiti Car Museum for our joint meeting with Rotary.

April 7th 2022 Meeting

With many guests for our Scholarship Recipients presentation we met in the Graffiti Car Museum. A tasty breakfast was catered by Doug Ridenour. A large crowd was in attendance with scholarship recipients and parents and school counsellors. It was good to see all those great young people.

March 31st 2022 Meeting

April 7th meeting is at the Graffiti Museum. Normal time. With our Scholarship Awardees. Food will be available. We had a good program from some people who are making a real difference in our community; Learning Quest and their literacy programs.

March 24th 2022 Meeting

When you can start your day with inspired singing from a young opera performer, you know it is going to be a good day. We did just that with a presentation from Opera Modesto. Also, lots happening from the Modesto Marathon and Love Modesto to the American Graffiti Car Show. Thanks to Tim Ragsdale for the bulletin.

March 17th 2022 Meeting

Arnold Chavez updated us on many great things happening at the Great Valley Museum. Lots of Happy Bucks and don’t forget the Car Show in June – get your friends and family lined up to help.

March 10th 2022 Meeting

Great meeting. John Fields gave us the history of the bicycle and included many fascinating facts about this mode of transport that has influenced history and is in use all over the world. Many thanks to those in our club who have worked to refine our Zoom system. If you can’t make it in person, join us on zoom for a great experience.

March 3rd, 2022 Meeting.

Happy Bucks and Board Meeting report. Lots of activities coming up so look at the bulletin to see all the fun. Moeny was give to many good causes, see the Board Meeting Report.

February 24th Bulletin.

Watch this space for the upload of the 24th meeting write up.

February 17, 2022 Bulletin

NMK announced their hopes of post covid activities. Three potential socials in the works and the American Graffiti Car Show confirmed to be at MJC West Campus on June 11th and 12th.

February 10 2022 Bulletin

Three new members got to retire their aprons after the signature checks showed a few folks didn’t get a chance to introduce themselves. Lots of happy bucks too. Another enjoyable meeting. Thanks to Jennifer for writing this week’s bulletin.

February 3rd 2022 Meeting

Board report on where we donated our money. Quite a few announcements and an Interclub on Monday at noon in Merced.

January 27th 2022 Meeting

Love Stanislaus was our interesting program today. If you haven’t made a meeting lately you need to get in and sign some aprons. Happy bucks included a lot of football chatter. There is a celebration of life for Terry McGrath on Saturday.

January 20th 2022 Meeting

Great meeting with lots of Happy Bucks and a good program by Cindy Duenas from the Center for Human Services. Scholarship information is posted on this web site at ‘what we do’ ‘scholarships’.

January 13th 2022 Meeting.

Energetic crowd today. First VP Jennifer led the meeting. Speaker, John Fields gave a fun talk on the brief history of dentistry. Thanks to Time Ragsdale for the bulletin.

January 6th 2022 Meeting

Happy New Year. A well attended first meeting of 2022. Board meeting report. The meeting was adjourned early enough to have a good time for conversation before people had to leave.

December 30th 2021 Meeting

Sorry, No bulletin yet.

December 23rd 2021 Meeting

Kyle Barker entertained us with music, song and humor in our time-honored Christmas tradition including the ‘accordion joke’ and finished with a rousing ‘Feliz Navidad’.
Services in January for Terry McGrath and Jan Jaeger were announced.
** We WILL have a meeting at Skewers on Thursday December 30th **

December 16th 2021 Meeting

Wrap up of the Christmas basket project and a fun program on climate – your indoor household climate by Don Ahrens from MJC Meterology. Also – ** we will have meetings at Skewers on December 23rd and 30th **.

December 9th 2021 Meeting

No program this week but a lot of Happy Bucks.

Dec. 2, 2021 Meeting

Two more of our members shared their experiences in the military as we wrap up our Name, Rank & Serial Number series. Also, we tested new sound equipment that will make it easier for those on Zoom to hear everyone who is speaking. Thanks to Brian Sanders for taking the lead in this technology equipment. And this coming week we are putting together Christmas baskets for Dec. 11 delivery to 60 local families. It’s a busy time.

Nov. 25 Meeting

Happy Thanksgiving. No meeting on Thanksgiving.

Nov 18th Meeting

No bulletin this week. Sorry!

Nov 11 Meeting

A report from the board meeting and lots of happy bucks this morning. The club sponsored a table at this Saturday’s Christian Berets annual banquet. Contact Marty if you would like to go.

Nov. 4 Meeting

The amazing Jennifer Mullen not only presided over the meeting but also took notes for this week’s bulletin. And member Tim Ragsdale shared some of his amazing photography.

Oct. 28 Meeting

What happens when our president takes ill? The new vice president walks in and leads the meeting just fine. Read this week’s bulletin about upcoming social and service activities. Hint: Think Christmas baskets.

Oct. 21 Meeting

Lots of mostly happy news and we were updated on the good things that happen at Christian Berets camp, a facility NMK has helped with many times over the years. Next week: two more members share their military experiences.

Oct. 14 Meeting

Forty of us gathered this morning for a real breakfast and fun fellowship at our new meeting location — Skewers downtown. See photos in the bulletin and read about the many programs of Valley Recovery Resources/Redwood Family Center, one of the local nonprofits we support.

Oct. 7, 2021 meeting

We have a new meeting location starting next week, Oct. 14: Skewers. Also we’ve welcomed a new member and have lots to be happy about. Read Charlie’s report from this week’s meeting.

September 30th 2021

President Aaron’s 2nd Meeting. So Far so Good. We got a glimpse today into the future glory of Graffiti USA Car Museum.

September 23rd 2021

President Aaron’s first meeting ran like clockwork and started on time. Sherriff Jeff Dirkse presented on law enforcement transparency and CCW permits.

September 16th 2001

President Roberts last meeting. Congratulations and Thank You Robert! Cioppino feed with Modesto Kiwanis scheduled for Saturday September 18th. Tickets available through Jeremiah Williams at $40 per. Lots of Happy Bucks.

September 9th 2021

Ken Darby shared his sometimes humorous career in the Navy. A check was presented to Christian Berets. Bulletin by Judy.

September 2nd 2021

Board report. New member induction of Nico Flores. Happy bucks and more. Bulletin by Tim.

August 26th 2021

Car Show and Parade Wrap up. We did good! Thanks to Brent and Charlie and all who helped both from our club and beyond.

August 19th 2021

All about the car show and parade preparation for this weekend. Thanks to Jennifer Mullen for the bulletin.

August 12th, 2021

Call for car show volunteers for the Friday evening parade and the Saturday and Sunday car show and a great program from the Julien School of Dance.

August 5th, 2021

1st VP Aaron Kellums standing for President.Robert. August Board Report and more about American Graffiti Car Show & Parade prep & plan just two week away.

July 29, 2021

Lot’s of flurry today about the Graffiti Car Show and Parade coming in less than 3 weeks.

July 22nd

We heard some fascinating recollections from two of our members who served in the military– Mike Boyd and Tim Ragsdale. There will be more sharing in a series called Name, Rank and Serial No.

July 15th

Ah….finally I have failed and there was no bulletin this week. Humblest Apologies.

July 8th

Board meeting report. Peace Path hands on project helped many local schools.

July 1st

Program by our favorite non-profit CASA; thanks to Steve Ashman. Peace Paths painting continues apace. Tim Ragsdale scored a win at Chilli Cook-Off!.

June 24th

Something about robots just captivated our group. Entertaining program and glimpse of the future with the Save Mart delivery robots. Bulletin by Tim Ragsdale.

June 17th

Ryan Foy explained progress on the wonderful Modesto Children’s Museum which , along with the Classic Car Museum, will help make Modesto a destination city. Bulletin by Adrian Crane

June 10th

Donna Linder filled us in on the election situation. Also an announcement of the Kiwanis 4th of July Parade on Saturday July 3rd. Bulletin by Jen Mullen

June 3rd

Board meeting and several announcements including Car Show, Peace Paths and Interclubs.

May 27th

We heard from Editor Brian Clark of The Modesto Bee about the changes and challenges at the newspaper. And, we have enough activities to include a SAVE THE DATE list. Life is improving!

May 20th.

A very interesting historical program on racial restrictions on Modesto subdivisions. Past President Stan Stewart passed. Bulletin by Charlie Christensen.

May 13th

We covered lots of topics this morning. Bulletin by Marty.

May 6th

Lots of announcements at todays meeting. Plus pictures in the bulletin! Bulletin by Adrian.

April 29th

We met 8 of the 10 seniors who are being awarded college scholarships. What an inspiring group! Blazing Saddles Chilli Cook Off details are in the bulletin .Bulletin thanks to Tim Ragsdale.

April 22nd

Great program by Modesto City Recycling. First new member of the post-Covid era, Michael Baldwin had the apron ceremony. Love Modesto is coming up. Bulletin thanks to Jennifer Mullen.

April 15th

Great combined meeting. Breakfast by Burnside. Program by Curt Willems from casa De Modesto.

April 8th.

In person meeting and zoom bought 50 of us together. Board meting report and happy bucks.

April 1st – No Joke!

Combined in person and zoom meeting provided new challenges for our gallant President Robert. Call for volunteers to help at a food distribution event at King Kennedy Center tomorrow Friday, April 2nd. Help needed, arrive at 8am for 9 am start and distribution continues until noon or 1 pm. Contact Jeremiah Williams.

Presentation by the Camp to Home Program which concentrates on the road to self-sufficiency for the homeless.

March 25th

Yay…in-person meeting at the Graffiti Car Museum. President Robert and about 15 others were in person. Also on Zoom. Speaker Michael Baldwin described several projects that he is involved with to tackle the root cause of some of our intertwined social problems of homelessness, police relations, racial inequity and drugs. Bulletin by Adrian.

March 18th

Laurie Carley of the League of Women Voters described their work. Crab feed tickets are available from Jeremiah. Bulletin by Charlie Christensen, thanks.

March 11th

Great program on Cal Hope by Ken Darby’s cousin. Thanks to Jen Mullen for the write up.

March 4th 2021

Board meeting time. Report on money distributed at yesterdays board meeting and a lot of Happy/Sad bucks. Thanks to Marty Villa for the write-up.

February 25th 2021

Entertaining program from Jim Perez who made Covid Vaccine test groups an enthralling subject. Quite a few guests. Thanks to Judy Herrero for this weeks bulletin.

February 18th 2021

Another inspiring program. This time by Reverend Crosby who has been involved in the Modesto Police Clergy Council. He was also an Olympic class hurdler. Thanks to Tim Ragsdale for this weeks bulletin.

February 11th 2021

Our program was by Michael Baldwin Sr. who told a very moving story of redemption and service. If you did not hear the presentation, please read in the bulletin. We are looking for a scholarship chair, please speak up if interested.

February 4th 2021

Lots of Happy/Sad Bucks. Board meeting report. Ideas for our Facebook page.

January 28th, 2021 Meeting

Wendy Byrd presented the Stanislaus Chapter of the NAACP and the many different forms of outreach and community work that they do.

January 21st, 2021 Meeting

Sean O’ Neal gave the very illuminating and funny Annual Kudzu Report, live from Mississippi, accompanied with great photos and narrative.  If you missed this program, sorry , there is no way I can do it justice in the Bulletin.  Besides, I was too busy laughing to write it all. 

January 14, 2021 Meeting

Doug Ridenour was our program today. He is our 2nd mayoral candidate to present to our club. Check it out here…

New Year January 7th 2021

Our first meeting of the year. Board report and announcements.

Our Final Meeting of 2020

We heard from Sue Zwahlen, one of the two finalists in the runoff for Modesto mayor. She wants to get the council working together to get things done. Happy New Year.

December 24, 2020 Meeting

We had an enjoyable time of fellowship and sharing and carols this morning. Merry Christmas everyone!

December 17th 2020 Meeting

Wayne Zipser, Executive Director and Tom Orvis, Governmental Affairs Director of the Stanislaus County Farm Bureau gave a great overview of local agriculture.

Reminder: next week Thursday is our Christmas meeting where we will be having a ‘hat and hot coca’ show: put on your most festive or outrageous hat and your gaudiest cup with choice of hot beverage. Also get your spouses, kids and pets dressed and groomed to say hello to everyone!

December 10th Meeting

We heard from the Kiwanis Family House and also had news that our Christmas Basket distribution occured in modified form.

December 3rd Meeting

Board meeting report and Key Club Virtual Games announcement.

November 26th No Meeting. *Happy Thanksgiving*

November 19th Meeting

Registrar of Voters Donna Linder gave us an update on counting of ballots from the Nov. 3 election. And the club is invited to a Battle of the Branches on Nov. 28.

November 12th Meeting

Karen Williams, Executive Director of Learning Quest, told us how a
Non-Profit Adult Literacy Program Survives and Thrives in a Pandemic. Lots of Key Clubbers and activities.

November 5th Meeting

Board meeting report. Key club visitors. Happy bucks.

October 29th Meeting

Randy Siefkin gave his latest election predictions and commented on the chance of any poll successfully predicting the outcome. A good number of key club members attended.

October 22nd Meeting

The Vanguard Key Club led the meeting and introduced some new fun to the group.

October 15th Meeting

Judy Kindle, the soon-to-retire CEO of Sierra Vista Child & Family Services, gave us the history and the importance of that very active non-profit. Next week: Vanguard Key Club members will “take over” our meeting, and we’ll hear about the Kiwanis Family House. Remember to dress for Halloween.

October 8th Meeting

Board meeting recap and Happy Bucks. Our program was Shannon Stanford Superintendent of Stanislaus Union School who explained Measure Y and its importance to our students. De-installation is tomorrow Friday evening the 9th.

October 1st Meeting

De-installation is coming up quickly. For the program Adrian expanded on his experiences at Eco Challenge Fiji. an Adventure race that many of us have seen on Amazon.

Sept 24 Meeting

Great program on the Modesto Radio Museum had our club at full volume. Presented by Wes page and Rick Myers. Lots of stories.

Sept 17 Meeting

Donna Linder, the Stanislaus County Registrar of Voters gave a very important and interesting description of her work and how the upcoming election on Nov 3rd will be managed. This was extremely timely and great information.

Sept. 10 Meeting

Marvin Jacobo from City Ministry Network introduced to this non-profit’s dream to make our community a good, safe place to grow up and to grow old.

Sept. 3 Meeting

The club will sell Quarantine Edition Graffiti T-shirts Sept. 12 in a drive-through at the future home of the Graffiti USA Museum. Lots of club news this morning.

Aug. 27 Meeting

Up today: an interesting program on Golden Valley Health Centers, discussing a fund-raising idea proposed by Enochs’ Key Club and a reminder of the governor’s visit by Zoom on Friday evening, Aug. 28.

Aug 20 2020 Meeting

Books, opera and Key Club members were all on the agenda today. Our zoom meeting attendance is impressive,

Aug. 13, 2020 Meeting

Several options are being considered for the deinstallation event this year. The board will decide in early September.

Aug. 6, 2020 Meeting

We had an excellent presentation from three young women talking about what teens think and how they are affected by race/ethnicity. Also, so good to hear that our drive for school supplies will help students at six Modesto elementary schools.

July 30, 2020 Meeting

Members and non-members stepped forward to purchase school supplies, which children will need even when attending school online. This report and other sharing at this week’s meeting.

July 23, 2020 Meeting

We heard an update about COVID 19 in our community from Kristin Olsen, chairwoman of the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors. The numbers are up; hospital ICUs are at capacity. She also talked about efforts to assist businesses.

July 16, 2020 Meeting

The Center for Human Services has big plans to expand its services to at-risk and homeless youth through its new navigation center. Our club is an early donor to this worthwhile project.

July 9, 2020 Meeting

Nonprofits in our community are working hard … and struggling themselves during this pandemic. We heard a big picture update from Amanda Hughes of the Stanislaus Community Foundation.

July 2, 2020 Meeting

No speaker this morning but lots of sharing. It was great to see and hear from several Key Club members. Happy 4th of July!

Summary, June 25, 2020 Meeting

We learned more about the work of the Kiwanis Children’s Fund around the world, from helping to eliminate maternal fetal tetanus to helping to feed American families in need due to the pandemic.

Summary, June 18, 2020

Fourth of July Parade has been cancelled due to COVID. In our program, the Director of Stanislaus County Behavioral Health explained the role and challenges that the agency is handling.

Summary, June 11, 2020

We learned about real estate fraud this morning from a deputy district attorney and talked about our entry in the Fourth of July parade and plans for special edition Quarantine Graffiti T-shirt.

Summary, June 4, 2020

President Robert Husman reported on board discussions and actions, including giving $3,500 to three local nonprofits.  We also shared happy news/bucks.  

Summary, May 28, 2020

We started the day on a positive note with stories from Carla Strong, executive director of Howard Training Center (now Howard Prep) help people with disabilities learn job skills and good employment.

Summary May 21st

Ken Sylvia, the new executive director of Youth for Christ, shared some of the remarkable work that organization is doing to help teens. And we regaled Gary Goodman on his birthday today!

Summary May 14th

Poet Sam Pierstorff gave a rousing program on our virtual meeting after a spirited discussion regarding a ‘Virtual Graffiti Parade’.

Summary May 7th

We saw an great interview with Jeff Pishney, exec director of Love Modesto. 38 participants in the meeting.

Summary April 30th

President Robert Husman did the best he could to preside over our Zoom gathering. Some people just won’t stay mute :). Brittany Thayer, executive director of The Chemo Crew was our great program. Good attendance online and clearly familiarity with the technology makes for a smoother experience.

Summary April 23rd

We Zoomed again, under the capable guidance of the President Robert Husman. Tim Ragsdale led the pledge; Marty Villa offered the prayer. Our member Laura Maki, dean of Science, Math & Engineering at MJC, arranged for and introduced our speaker – Arnold Chavez, director of the Great Valley Museum. Arnold took us on a virtual walking tour of the new Great Valley Natural Lab, located beside the beautiful Science Center on the West Campus

Summary April 16th.

We had 59 people tuned in for our Zoom meeting this morning. Amongst those were several who now live out of town or state or who have not been attending in person. Nine of our 10 scholarship recipients joined us on Zoom and thanked us for helping them achieve their academic and career goals.

Summary April 9th.
We had a virtual speaker for the first time and a good meeting. President Robert Husman presided over a second virtual meeting on Zoom. Looks like everyone is getting the hang of this.

Summary April 2nd.
The club graduated to zoom and had a successful meeting. First reading of the slate of officers was made. Brian Sanders and Laura Maki shared their tech expertise to get our virtual meeting to run smoothly.

No bulletin

Summary March 26th.
President Robert Husman presided over a second virtual meeting on Facebook. Mild humor and a little business was achieved. Robert chaired via video and led a fun event that continues our sense of club and camaraderie.

No Bulletin

Summary March 19th.
NMK held their first virtual meeting on Facebook. A free flowing format evolved and over 200 posts were made. The meeting was considered a success and we will explore more online meeting options.

No bulletin

Summary March 12th 2020
Chili, the corona virus and the homeless challenges were all on the agenda at this morning’s meeting. Frank Ploof, “Seven Years on the Ground with Modesto’s Homeless.”

Summary Feb 13th 2020
There’s an updated calendar in this week’s bulletin, plus a bit about the new Kids Quest tutoring program for children with dyslexia. It is seeking volunteer tutors.

Summary Sept 26th 2020
Great meeting today. elections information from Stanislaus County Elections officer.

July 29, 2021

Lot’s of flurry today about the Graffiti Car Show and Parade coming in less than 3 weeks

This is Marty’s test