Weekly Meeting Summaries

Summary March 26th.
President Robert Husman presided over a second virtual meeting on Facebook. Mild humor and a little business was achieved. Robert chaired via video and led a fun event that continues our sense of club and camaraderie.

Summary March 19th.
NMK held their first virtual meeting on Facebook. A free flowing format evolved and over 200 posts were made. The meeting was considered a success and we will explore more online meeting options.

Summary March 12th 2020
Chili, the corona virus and the homeless challenges were all on the agenda at this morning’s meeting. Frank Ploof, “Seven Years on the Ground with Modesto’s Homeless.”

Summary Feb 13th 2020
There’s an updated calendar in this week’s bulletin, plus a bit about the new Kids Quest tutoring program for children with dyslexia. It is seeking volunteer tutors.

Summary Sept 26th 2020
Great meeting today. elections information from Stanislaus County Elections officer.