Weekly Meeting Summaries

Summary, May 28, 2020

We started the day on a positive note with stories from Carla Strong, executive director of Howard Training Center (now Howard Prep) help people with disabilities learn job skills and good employment.

Summary May 21st

Ken Sylvia, the new executive director of Youth for Christ, shared some of the remarkable work that organization is doing to help teens. And we regaled Gary Goodman on his birthday today!

Summary May 14th

Poet Sam Pierstorff gave a rousing program on our virtual meeting after a spirited discussion regarding a ‘Virtual Graffiti Parade’.

Summary May 7th

We saw an great interview with Jeff Pishney, exec director of Love Modesto. 38 participants in the meeting.

Summary April 30th

President Robert Husman did the best he could to preside over our Zoom gathering. Some people just won’t stay mute :). Brittany Thayer, executive director of The Chemo Crew was our great program. Good attendance online and clearly familiarity with the technology makes for a smoother experience.

Summary April 23rd

We Zoomed again, under the capable guidance of the President Robert Husman. Tim Ragsdale led the pledge; Marty Villa offered the prayer. Our member Laura Maki, dean of Science, Math & Engineering at MJC, arranged for and introduced our speaker – Arnold Chavez, director of the Great Valley Museum. Arnold took us on a virtual walking tour of the new Great Valley Natural Lab, located beside the beautiful Science Center on the West Campus

Summary April 16th.

We had 59 people tuned in for our Zoom meeting this morning. Amongst those were several who now live out of town or state or who have not been attending in person. Nine of our 10 scholarship recipients joined us on Zoom and thanked us for helping them achieve their academic and career goals.

Summary April 9th.
We had a virtual speaker for the first time and a good meeting. President Robert Husman presided over a second virtual meeting on Zoom. Looks like everyone is getting the hang of this.

Summary April 2nd.
The club graduated to zoom and had a successful meeting. First reading of the slate of officers was made. Brian Sanders and Laura Maki shared their tech expertise to get our virtual meeting to run smoothly.

No bulletin

Summary March 26th.
President Robert Husman presided over a second virtual meeting on Facebook. Mild humor and a little business was achieved. Robert chaired via video and led a fun event that continues our sense of club and camaraderie.

No Bulletin

Summary March 19th.
NMK held their first virtual meeting on Facebook. A free flowing format evolved and over 200 posts were made. The meeting was considered a success and we will explore more online meeting options.

No bulletin

Summary March 12th 2020
Chili, the corona virus and the homeless challenges were all on the agenda at this morning’s meeting. Frank Ploof, “Seven Years on the Ground with Modesto’s Homeless.”

Summary Feb 13th 2020
There’s an updated calendar in this week’s bulletin, plus a bit about the new Kids Quest tutoring program for children with dyslexia. It is seeking volunteer tutors.

Summary Sept 26th 2020
Great meeting today. elections information from Stanislaus County Elections officer.